NOTICE: Habholo have turned V26! The link will be added soon, please keep checking back. Once we have set up the Client properly, we will reveal the link. We have changed the name to Tebow Hotel. Which is the V26's name.

We will be still updating this site, and possibly turn it into a fan site instead. Thanks -Habholo/Tebow Staff Team.

Please vote, to keep the hotel running. ^^

Welcome to Habholo Hotel.

We are sorry to move the hotel a lot, this is because of the previous website layout was stopping us from changing the background layout and other things.

This WILL be the last time we move sites, no matter what.

Habholo is a stable hotel, we have experienced staff who will help with any of your problems. We are non-hamachi and have been opened for a few weeks. We are currently hiring, if you wish to reply go to Staff Applications on the navigator!

If you have a problem, Please use the CFH [Call for help] tool which takes place in the loader. The Call For Help Tool gives you chance to tell us you're problem(s). Once you send off your report, staff will reply or come as soon as possible, helping you with the issue you have.

Their will be an official help-desk in the hotel, which is owned by Abbey. This is where staff and users will most likely be. Some users will be behind the help-desk other than other users. This is because they have been picked to work behind the help-desk to support other players. Once they work their, they count as a experienced player/eXpert. Experienced players have been playing the hotel for a while, and have knowledge on the loader, so they know what they're doing!

Staff Applications and staff:

As many hotels say, please DO NOT ask for staff. It could earn you a ban. Asking will give you a less possibility of getting a staff position. Staff Application will be open when we say, if there not it means were not hiring, so therefore it wouldn't make you special to get a part in the Staff Team without applying.

We will not be unfair, we hire user's who we think deserve staff and have earned it.

If we find out you have asked for staff before, and have been warned.. You will be banned immediatly.

Staff Application Status:


Thanks for joining and enjoy your stay!

Abbey and Lewis.

Site made/designed by Abbey.

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